Magarick Advertising History

Magarick Advertising was founded in 1971 after Barry Magarick left the independent Philadelphia television station WPHL TV, Channel 17, where he served as both Creative Director and Promotion Director. Realizing the need for a retail ad agency, which was not afraid to take on the difficult challenge of immediate accountability for its work, Barry set up shop as a "retail" specialist specializing in broadcast television and radio.

According to Barry, " Many agencies did not want the pressure of clients scrutinizing results on a weekly basis and being held accountable." Many still donít. With this retail mantra, the company grew to become one of the most respected small businesses in communications in the Philadelphia market. Over the years, it has represented many of the regions largest and most prominent multi-outlet retail chains. Magarick Advertising also handles some national accounts.

Magarick Advertising has built a reputation of retaining clients for tenures of 10 to 30 years, a rather extraordinary accomplishment in an era when the average agency/client relationship lasts from 3 to 4 years. It represents a number of Delaware Valley and regional accounts including the Atlantic Book Warehouse Chain, the Windowizards Home Chain, Guida Door and Window, Deb Shops, Carpet Mart Retail Chain, Diamond Furniture Company, The Colonial Automotive Group, Bright Star Manufacturing, Video Management, Inc., and Swartz Culleton PC.

Magarick Advertising provides a full range of advertising and marketing services for radio, television, internet, outdoor and print media. It writes, creates, and produces broadcast commercials and print advertising. Magarick Advertising also plans and purchases media, uses both barter and "share the air" media approach to lower spot costs.

Share the Air is a unique approach to broadcast media in which two compatible advertisers purchase time and participate in each others commercial units with their individual creative messages while maintaining their own separate campaign. It effectively provides double the reach and frequency of a message.