David and Goliath

Some time ago, a little David of an ad agency got a call from a Goliath of a potential client. The David was us, Magarick Advertising. The Goliath was the New York Times Cable TV Division, which was rolling out its business in New Jersey.

Why, I asked Goliath, did you knock on the door of a small retail shop like us?

Well, Goliath said, we talked to a lot of agencies. There was a large Philadelphia shop with tons of people and tons of expenses. There was an agency that specialized in entertainment - after all we're talking about cable TV. That's entertainment, isn't it? Then we went to the big time. Our back yard, and interviewed a Big Apple Agency. They didn't know the word retail.

No one seemed to understand exactly what we needed. After all, we needed consumers to actually buy our products right away. Sure the fluff looked great, but we wanted business now. We needed an agency that knew and liked retail.

That's when a friend suggested we talk to a small retail agency in Philly called Magarick Advertising. People who lived by immediate results. A shop that understood the idea of accountability for its client's advertising dollars. Not too big and overloaded with costly overhead or too small.

We came to you said Goliath, and frankly, you were the only people who told us to expect real results. Soon. So we embarked on a television campaign to use the media, TV, to sell the media, TV. It worked like gangbusters. Made for quite a partnership, which lasted a long, long, time. We expanded the campaign to radio, direct mail and print.

So that's what Magarick Advertising is about. Retail Results. Branding. The battleground we inhabit is the gritty work of multi outlet retail chains and service businesses that need masses of asses on the phone and in the stores. We made commercials about a diamond in a jeweler’s beard, which made the store a household word and grew the business for over the 30 years we represented them. We put two brothers on TV selling windows, and then a son because they were believable. We like using an owner or CEO if the client is believable and likable…because consumers like to do business with people they are familiar with and like. Magarick Advertising helped make an auto dealer very profitable and well known with his slogan "If you can’t make a deal with Colonial, you can make a deal with anybody."

So if you are a retailer, Magarick & Associates maybe just the right agency to meet your needs and grow your business.