Snapshots Of Magarick Advertising Thinking


In our business, the average tenure for an agency/account relationship is about 3 or 4 years. Well, we had one jewelry chain account for 33 years and made them a household name while they grew from one store to four large super locations. They became, perhaps the most well known marketer of diamond engagement rings through our unique creative using 50's and 60's Rock and Roll music.... and a strategically placed diamond.

Clothing Retail

Another well-known children's discount retailer, House of Bargains/Kid Spot, grew from 3 local stores to 55 stores in four states using the phrase "We Bring Down The Cost of Growing Up."

Home Improvement

Barry and Harvey Goodman, owners of Windowizards, a Magarick Advertising account for over 25 years now, appeared in their own commercials and grew from two locations to 11 and continue to prosper. Harvey's son is now carrying on the family tradition in local commercials. A believable owner is a local accounts best spokesperson. That translates into consumer confidence and trust. And we have over 37 years of experience to prove it.


Diamond Furniture is another Magarick Advertising success story. Already a very successful business when we entered the picture almost ten years ago, the company expanded by 40%. Our theme "Nobody Beats a Diamond Deal" works well in television and radio.


Again using client on screen commercials, Ron Schwartz, Owner, and Jason Friedman, Executive General Manager of Colonial Nissan have proved that automotive accounts do not need to have constant sales. The consistent message and positioning of their spots have proved very successful in keeping this business profitable and growing in a very difficult environment for the automotive industry.


In another case, Magarick Advertising developed an extraordinary media buying technique in which two non-competing advertisers shared their buys and received twice the reach and frequency through the use of combination spots. Carpet and Tile Mart and Lomax Rug Company, one of the largest retailers of carpet and flooring products use this technique to enhance their broadcast buys.

This particular approach to media allows smaller broadcast accounts to achieve a larger reach and frequency, and permits them to utilize television and radio to a much larger extent than their budgets might allow.